City of Rotterdam congratulates the Erasmus University at @EURcentennial with an Erasmus bench and three statues


Ladies and gentlemen, let me first congratulate the Erasmus University with 100 years of impact. But also congratulations to us all with a university with a lot of impact for the city. At least 25.000 students are studying here and develop their talents. Rotterdam is proud of its university. This institution brought forward a lot of talents. Well-known top-entrepreneurs, politicians and historians studied here and they bring their expertise to various places all over the world. A worldly city is a fine breeding ground for a university with this impact.

Our city and the university are cooperating in the fields of education, diversity and safety. Researchers from the Erasmus University share their thoughts concerning the economy and the future of the harbour. The Erasmus MC provides research from a pioneering nature, as well in the Science Tower as in daily medical practice. And let’s not forget the impact of the students themselves… More and more students are working as a volunteer for the city. More and more students became visible in the city and make the choice to become a real Rotterdammer.

We would like to present the Erasmus University with a gift for all these 100 years of impact. A gift to celebrate our special bond.

Earlier this year we opened the Erasmus University College. The reconstruction is not yet finished completely, unfortunately. Rector magnificus Henk Schmidt considered realising the University College on this location (the former city library) as being a beautiful present from the city to the centenarian. We want to give this present an extra touch of distinction.


On behalf of the City Council, as an alderman for higher education, I would like to present you some memorable gifts, fitting the University College and fitting this special location in the city.

I would like to respond to the open mind phrase of rector magnificus Huib Pols. Also the city likes an open mind, but not so open that the brains fall out. Thank you prof.dr. Myriam Hunink for this reminder. To ground students, professors and passengerg, the City Council allowes me to offer you on behalf of them a city bench with an Erasmus inscription and three statues which are very precious to our city. These statues were designed for our reconstruction episode after the war. We would like to present them to the Erasmus University. We will place them before the upcoming official opening of the University College nearby the University College.

Ladies and gentlemen, long live the Erasmus University for at least the next hundreds of years of impact!



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